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Helping Moms Give Their Breast!

Whether you have a newborn and are struggling to get breastfeeding going smoothly, or you have an older baby that just started having problems breastfeeding, contact Simply the Breast for lactation assistance!  If you are pregnant and just want to be as prepared as possible so things start off on the right track, we can also help.  Simply the Breast provides in-home lactation consultations and private, prenatal breastfeeding education for expecting moms.

We are passionate about helping moms get their babies going breastfeeding and enjoying the precious bond that comes from breastfeeding your little one.  We believe in a holistic approach and treating the dyad (both mom and baby)!  Our speciality is evaluating the impact of birth on baby, assessing for oral restrictions (you may have heard of tongue-ties), and working with parents to rehabilitate their baby to breastfeed functionally.  While this is our speciality, take a look at here to see other areas that we are trained in and how we could help you.

We believe in the KISS method…Keep It Simple Silly!  This means that wherever possible we want to help you simplify life around baby.  In addition, we only recommend the things we know are supportive and effective in helping your baby to breastfeed functionally (especially when you are already exhausted and overwhelmed!).

If you are passionate about breastfeeding your little one and would like to do what is necessary for their long-term health, then Simply the Breast is right for you and can help you give your breast!

If No One Has Been Able To Help You Breastfeed…

You have found the right place!!!  We assure you that we will listen to you… to every issue you tell us.  We do not believe that many moms just have “more sensitive nipples” or that “your nipples will just toughen up” or that “some moms just can’t breastfeed.”  We will work with you to figure out what is going on and why you are having difficulty with breastfeeding and will work to come up with a plan to address those issues.  We’d love to talk with you and just hear you out!  If you still aren’t sure if you want to seek (more?) help, check out our facebook page reviews.  That might convince you.

For more information check out our services.

Are You Interested In A Video Consultation?

Would you like a lactation consult from the comfort of your couch, during work hours, or while you are on the go?  Now you can get a lactation consultation from an IBCLC via video. Appointments are available for 20 and 30 minute sessions and are extremely affordable.  Book an appointment today!

Still Unsure?!

If you are still unsure if a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) could help you, know that research (Bonuck et al. 2014) shows that assistance from an IBCLC is more effective than general clinic support in helping moms to exclusively breastfeed and breastfeed for longer!  Find out more about how a lactation consultant (IBCLC) could help you here.

We have partnered with Seeking Health to bring you the best prenatal vitamins that we have found!  We love them and know that you will too!! 

Simply the Breast provides prenatal breastfeeding education and lactation consulting services to Ventura County!